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Our Mission Is Your Mission

At the top of John Wooden's Pyramid of Success lies Competitive Greatness.  It is directly supported by Poise and Confidence, which are developed through hard work, repetition, and perserverance   The rest of the pyramid is comprised of Condition, Skill, Enthusiasm, as well as other traits that create the "building blocks" for success.


All of these traits in the pyramid create the foundation for Competitive Greatness.  Coach Wooden saw each and every characteristic in the pyramid as a key to giving somoeone the best opportunity to be successful, but he thought it was fitting to put Competitive Greatness at the top.  In its most simplest terms, Competitive Greatness is being at your best, when your best is needed, and true enjoyment of a difficult challenge.  In the game of basketball, every day brings a difficult challenge.  When an athlete comes to embrace, and truly enjoy, a difficult challenge, he or she possesses Competitve Greatness.


An athlete cannot be at his or her best when it is needed without preparation.  That preparation each and every day, needs to be a difficult challenge.  That is what this organization was founded on.  Competitve Greatness provides athletes with a training environment that gives them difficult challenges with each workout, that will make them stronger as a player, and as a person.

Established in 2014 by former Indiana University walk-on, Taylor Wayer, Competitive Greatness has helped hundreds of athletes improve their skills and achieve their goals.


At Competitive Greatness, we realize that no one player is the same.  Every athlete has a different mission.  That is why our goal is YOUR goal.  We provide customized, high-level basketball training geared towards achieving each respective athlete's goal. Our program is designed to push athletes to their fullest potential by polishing their individual skills and preparing them to play at the next level, wherever that may be.


The program consists of drills proven effective and used at the middle school, high school, and high-major Division I level.  We provide a multitude of offerings, for a fraction of the price.  


We work to prepare you to be at your best, when your best is needed.

"Competitive Greatness is having a real love for the hard battle knowing it offers the opportunity to be at your best when your best is required...The tougher the battle the better.


A leader must convey this to those you lead: a tough fight can bring forth Competitive Greatness. The hard battle inspires and motivates a great competitor to dig deep inside. That's why I relish the challenge a worthy competitor presents. You are tested. When properly prepared you will rise to your highest level and achieve Competitive Greatness."

- John Wooden

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