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Thoughts from Our Clients

"[My son] really enjoys your workouts.  I have seen him grow as a player during the past few months.  I tell [my son] he is one lucky kid to get this type of instruction/training as a 7th grader."

Brett - McCordsville, IN


"The coaches at the high school have commented on how much he has improved.  We will definitely be back in the spring after the season is over.  The improvement we have seen has been well worth the drive."

Lori - Cloverdale, IN

"Thanks for all the workouts and training, they are paying off.  We had drills and stuff this morning (at Elite 80 Camp) and then we got put on teams and played 2 games.  I had 12 and 18 and (one of the college coaches) came up and asked me for all my information."

Peyton - McCordsville, IN

"I'm seeing real results, and his confidence is sooooo much better now."

Craig - Indianapolis, IN

"He wanted me to tell you how well he has been playing, but I thought it would be better for him to share.  You should have seen his grin after he hit a beautiful 3-pointer.  After the game, he said, "Taylor is really helping me!"

Mindy - Greenfield, IN

"He made the A-team this year.  1st time every, so thank you for helping him improve so much!"

Todd - Indianapolis, IN

"I was really impressed with the outcome of (my son's) game on the court after training with you and the camp staff as well."

Tonya - Speedway, IN

"[My son] really feels you can help him improve – and from what I saw – I think you can."

Joe - Zionsville, IN


"FYI…the girls said they had a great time Sunday night.  My business partner would like to bring his son on Sunday."

Aaron - Indianapolis, IN


"Our Warren Central, LC, and LN boys would like to continue as they like and need your training."

John - Indianapolis, IN


"Keep it up Taylor.  We are blessed to meet you and my son thinks the world of you.  We really appreciate what you do for [our son], all the boys, and Chatard."

John - Indianapolis, IN


"Thanks for all you do for my kiddos.  They love it!"

Lydia - Indianapolis, IN


"Good morning sir...I’m hearing great things about the sessions already.  Had a friend participate Sunday! BRAVO!"

Tanaia - Indianapolis, IN

"You gotta stay on me and keep pushing me.  This is a huge year man!"

Patrick - NCAA DII Athlete

"You've been great for (my son) and he love it!"

Kiernan - Indianapolis, IN

"Close to being in the best shape of my life thanks to you and your program!"

Mitchell - Fishers, IN

"He really loves his sessions with you!"

Heidi - McCordsville, IN

"I just want to thank you for training with me.  During my game, my coach was letting me shoot outside shots and I was making them, so I want to say thanks."  Cole - McCordsville, IN

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