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6-Week Online AAU Development Program

Get Access to our NEW Online 6-Week Program desgiend to prepare you for

the AAU season for LESS THAN A DOLLAR/week!


What's  Included in Your AAU Development Program?

  • Emphasis on EFFECTIVE skill work that can be done at home and at the gym

  • High-Level Programming used with our college/pro athletes

  • Access to All the Drills on Our Online Platform

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TruCoach Skill Development Platform

Basketball Skill Development

Deliver skill workouts for ball handling, finishing moves, footwork, and shooting right to the athlete's phone.


Athletes get all of their workouts sent straight to their phones where they can watch video demos of drills, perform the drill, and then record the results of the workouts. Keeping track of these results allows the athlete to track their progress and push themselves to improve.

Track, Measure, and Compete

Our live leaderboards help to instill a sense of competition amongst teammates/athletes in our programs and push them to get better. Drill histories allow athletes to monitor their performance and improvement over time.

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2-Spot Shooting

Skill Development Drills

Shooting/Finishing "TWENTY"

5-Minute Shooting Warmup

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