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Online Coaching and Programs


Competitive Greatness offers a multitude of online training options utilized by athletes across the country to help fit your individual needs.  Please read through the following options below or contact a staff member to discuss the best fit for your situation.

1-on-1 Online Coaching

1 on 1 Online Coaching from Coach Wayer provided in an app format with descriptions, video demos, and daily layouts customized for you and your goals. Includes an in-depth analysis of your current goals and benchmarks, as well as working directly with Coach Wayer to develop a detailed plan to achieve goals and marks set by you and Coach Wayer.

Athletic Performance Programs

Crazy Athletic Program

Want to increase your vertical? Need to improve your speed? Get quicker and lighter on your feet? This is the plan for you! Focused on developing your core, as well as quick-twitch muscle fibers through high intensity plyometric training. This program can be completed at-home or in the gym!


Downloadable Training Programs

Ball-Handling Programs

Coming in September!

Shooting Programs 

Coming in September!

Point Guard Programs

Coming in September!

Post Play Programs

Coming in October!

Ask about our various discounts and bundle options!

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