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Note from Coach Wayer

I had many different roles during my playing career. I went from being one of the best players on each team I played on throughout grade school/middle school, to being the young freshman trying to prove I was good enough to be a JV/Varsity player at the high school level.  Once I worked to establish that, I had to work to prove to college coaches that I was worthy of playing at that level.


I was given the opportunity to earn a position on the Indiana University basketball team, and once again, I had to prove to the coaching staff, and my future teammates, that I was good enough to play at the high-major level against some of the best athletes in the country.  More importantly, I had to also prove I was tough-minded and willing to WORK HARD EVERY SINGLE DAY to improve my personal game, as well as help prepare our scholarship players by pushing them in practice.  I had to be a great teammate by providing an unmatched toughness, energy, and enthusiasm in those practices.  I was asked to carry that over to the games where I had to be a presence and provide value to the team from the bench in most games.  This was something far different than the roles I had in high school, middle school, and AAU.


I was not always the most "athletically-gifted" player on the floor.  In fact, I wasn't nearly as "athletically-gifted" as many of the players I was on the floor with in college.  I had to find ways to make up for that through effort, toughness, commitment to the fundamentals, competitive edge, and a unique skill set.  The perspective and value I bring to my clients is that I can teach each of them how to develop those traits, and utilize them to achieve their goals. 


Two things have always remained constant for me:

1. I do whatever the team needs me to do to give us the best chance to win.

2. I will work harder than everyone around me to reach my goals; in basket-ball, and in life.


Those two constants have carried over into my coaching and training. I do whatever it takes to give each of my athletes the best chance to win.  I also teach them how to work harder than everyone around them to achieve their goals in basketball, and in life.


For some, winning is being able to make a middle school or high school team.  Winning might be earning more playing time and having a more prominent role on the high school team.  Winning could be earning a scholarship, or being offered a spot in a college basketball program.  No matter how each individual athlete defines winning, I strive to put them in the best position to do so.


My ultimate goal is to give all of my athletes the tools to be at their best, when their best is needed.  In my opinion, being a true champion is learning that your best is needed every day, in every situation.


Whether you are an athlete yourself, or a parent of a young athlete, thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with each and every one of you.


Kind regards,


Taylor Wayer

Founder, Director of Player Development

Head Coach, Indianapolis Bishop Chatard

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