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"Being RELENTLESS means DEMANDING MORE OF YOURSELF than anyone could ever demand of you. Knowing that every time you stop, you can still DO MORE. You MUST DO MORE." - Tim Grover

Tune in as Coach Taylor Wayer discusses why you have to demand more of yourself first before you can demand more of others, how to be a better LEADER, where there is opportunity to DO MORE and achieve more than others, and other crucial topics in this episode.


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Too many people complain about their situation, make excuses, and get WORSE rather than preparing and working for their opportunity and achieving GREATNESS in the process! Who will you be in 2018?

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Taylor Wayer has been involved with the game of basketball as a player, coach, and trainer for 20+ years. He played high school basketball at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis, IN and continued his playing career in college at Indiana University as a walk-on under Coach Tom Crean.

Shortly after that, Taylor founded Competitive Greatness, a high-level basketball player development company in Indianapolis that serves over 300 athletes, primarily high school, college, and professional athletes. The goal is to help athletes develop their game with a program proven effective in his playing career, as well as techniques, drills, and concepts learned along the way from some of the most prominent coaches in basketball.

Coach Wayer has also founded two other companies, GRIT Strength (fitness/athletic performance coaching) and WayerHouse Media, a social media marketing agency servicing small businesses in niche markets.

Taylor is the host of the GRIT Strength Podcast, a fitness and athletic performance discussion platform, as well as the Competitive Greatness Show, a weekly show discussing and highlighting how to motivate and train people for athletics, business, and life, as well as how to build successful teams in multiple stages of life.

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