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The Most Important Jumpshot You Will EVER Take

Think about it. What do you think the most important jumpshot you could ever take would be?

I imagine most people envision an NBA Finals Game 7, maybe an NCAA Final Four game down the stretch, or a State Championship game at the buzzer. Or even (my personal favorite) something similar to this:

We all spend so much time trying to perfect our jumpers for those big games and big moments. As soon as something feels off, or wrong, we need a quick answer to the problem. And we need an even quicker solution. Some of the problems people immediately refer to with an athlete's jumpshot include:

  • Elbow is out, instead of in line with the follow through

  • Follow through isn't towards the rim

  • Feet are too wide/narrow

  • Off hand gets too involved

  • Not looking at the target

  • No fluidity/power from legs to finish

  • Hopping vs. 1-2 Step

The list goes on and on, and the potential fixes and solutions to these problems can get pretty lengthy too. Here is a list of just a few of the many useful products/companies out there:

I think many of these things can be useful tools, especially when used correctly and taught properly.

But here's the harsh reality - to truly "fix" your shooting, it takes time and commitment, A LOT OF IT. It takes years to become a great shooter. If you do not dedicate yourself to the gym on a DAILY BASIS, you are destined to be an average shooter at best, no matter how perfect your form is.

There are two other MAJOR keys to being an elite-level shooter that many neglect to think about - confidence and mental toughness.

The best shooters don't just think every shot is going in, they KNOW. They are ready to shoot and shoot it the same way every time.

Even so, many of the best shooters miss over half of their shot attempts. The best of the best from the 3-point line typically shoot in the 40's percentage-wise from the 3, and they understand what that percentage means: They will miss over half their shot attempts.

The kicker? Can you move on after a miss? Can you completely forget it even happened and KNOW that you will make the next one? The BEST players can.

Anyone who has trained with me in the last few months has heard me bark a statement similar to this during sessions, and continue to repeat it. "The last shot - make or miss - does not matter. Move On. The only shot that matters is the next one. Focus on the next shot."

So, you ask, "Coach, what do you think the most important jumpshot you could ever take would be?"

My answer: THE NEXT ONE

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