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Training Options


Competitive Greatness offers a multitude of customized training options to help fit your individual needs.  Please read through the following options below and contact a staff member to discuss the best fit for your situation.

High-Level Small Group Development and Competitive Training

Small Group Development is geared towards working with 2-8 athletes at a time on specific, high-level skills. Each athlete gets individualized attention to detail, while being pushed by the CG staff and the other athletes in their group. This is a great way to work on weaker parts of an athlete's game, while still continuing to build and polish strengths.


Competitive Training is skills training with a competitive edge. Various skills and reads are taught and developed with drill work.  These drills are followed by high intensity competition amongst group members. The competition creates game-like situations for offensive and defensive skill development.


To keep the level of competition where it needs to be, these sessions are available on a limited basis and groups will be chosen by members of the CG Staff.

Individual Training

Individual Training is devoted to the athletes who need more 1-on-1 attention.  These sessions are focused on tremendous attention to detail in shooting technique, ball handling, footwork, finishing around the rim, and other scoring moves.


Because of the nature of the individual attention given in these workouts, a consultation will be scheduled with Coach Wayer, the athlete, and the parents, to develop a detailed training plan. 

Large Group Clinics and Team Training

Large Group Clinics are weekly sessions focused on helping younger athletes develop the fundamentals. Clinics will focus on ball handling, shooting, passing, defensive concepts, and game-like situations in a larger group setting.

Team Training can be scheduled with Coach Wayer allowing him to work with your entire group of athletes on improving their skills, individually and as a group.  Each team training program is tailored to your team's needs while utilizing Coach Wayer's extensive knowledge and experience working with athletes at the highest levels.

Speed, Agility, & Strength Training

Strength and Athletic Performance Training is focused on improving strength, building athleticism, and increasing size.  Weight training needs are different for each player.  Therefore, each strength training plan will be customized and tailored to each individual athlete.  Detailed weekly workout plans, with a daily workout breakdown, will be developed and given to the player.


Speed & Agility Training is built to increase the speed, quickness, and overall athleticism of each athlete.  These training sessions are shorter in length, due to their high intensity.


Ask about our various discounts and bundle options!

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